SPHS Schedules

Bell Schedule

Schuylerville Preparatory High School’s Bell Schedule is as follows:

Period 1: 8:15 am –9:00 am

Period 2: 9:03 am – 9:48 am

Period 3: 9:51 am – 10:36 am

Period 4: 10:39 am – 11:24 pm

Period 5: 11:27 am – 12:12 pm

Period 6: 12:15 pm – 1:00 pm

Period 7:  1:03 pm – 1:48 pm

Period 8: 1:51 pm- 2:36 pm

Teacher After School Schedule

Mondays: 2:36pm to 4:00pm

Students are asked to leave the school; teachers will be participating in Professional Learning time.  There are no after school activities happening at school.  Please note that students may have athletic activities still happening in school gyms or the athletics field with non-teacher coaches.

Tuesdays: 2:36pm to 4:00pm

Students who are not asked to stay with teachers, are asked to leave the school.  Parents can schedule meetings with teachers during this time.  Please note that students may have athletic activities still occurring in school gyms or the athletics field, these activities are usually supervised by non-teacher coaches.

After School Activities Schedule

Wednesday through Friday: 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm

In house after school activities happen on the school floors.  Students meet teachers in various classrooms for all activities.  Any parent who needs to contact their child during this time can call the main office. 

Saturdays: 9:00am to 1:00pm

Any activities happening on Saturdays are usually for specific programs.  

Regents Exams

The New York State Regents exams take place 3 times a year, January, June and August.  The exams seek to measure students learning of that content at the end of the school year.  Not all classes end in Regents exams.  On days when exams are given students who are not taking that specific exam should not be in attendance.  Freshman should not expect to take January Regents unless specifically told to.

Regents Schedules

The Scholars and Parents Handbook

The school handbook has important information for parents and students to know.  Below are some of the topics found in the Parent and Scholar Handbook:                                               

  • Bell Schedule/Parent Teacher and Open School Night Dates and Times
  • Teacher Contractual Schedule
  • Dress and Appearance
  • Instructional Matters:
  • Grading Policy
  • Makeup Work
  • Semester and Marking Period Dates
  • Tutoring and After School Activities
  • Safety and Discipline
  • Restorative Practices                                                                                  
  • Steps to Take When Dealing with Disruptive Scholars                                 
  • Discipline Procedures
  • Fire Drill Procedures